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'OxR Creations' originally started in 2017 as a hobby project, in which we have carried out various conversions and modifications to Movie Props and common FX-Lightsabers from time to time. These were mainly modifications to so-called high-power LEDs, which made the lightsaber suitable for combat, since the LEDs were then no longer housed in the tube but in the handle. Another nice side effect was that the blade / tube could be dismantled and the lightsaber could now be worn on the belt of a costume.
But technology is always changing and it is now even possible to use all sorts of great functions with various soundboards. Depending on the soundboard manufacturer, several sound banks (boot, swing, clash or Force-FX sounds) can be loaded onto the soundboards sd-card. In addition, up to four differently colored LEDs, freely configurable RGB LEDs and an elaborate crystal chamber - the heart of every lightsaber - can be installed.
Thanks to many great designers such as Goth3Designs, these so-called chassis can either be made using a 3D printer in plastic or even metal. CFX, Teensy and Proffie soundboards have also added other cool features, such as smooth swing, which makes handling with these swords even more realistic, as the swing sounds adapt to the movements of the user. Thanks to NeoPixel technology, the classic retracting and extending effect of the blade can now be replicated, for which up to 144 LEDs ensure on an LED strip. As a result, there are hardly any limits to the imagination …

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... or do you have any questions about lightsabers, modification / conversion, weathering, painting, engraving or an individual request, then simply use our contact form - we will be happy to assist you. You are also invited to visit the Facebook and Instagram pages or the YouTube channel of 'OxR Creations', where new projects are always reported and there are also numerous videos to watch. Simply follow the links or logos given below ...