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Hello Movieprop- and Saberfans, may I introduce myself: My name is Roland (Ronny) Nicolai and I specialized in different conversions and modifications to Movie Props and Common FX-Lightsabers. It all started as a hobby, but now I do all kinds of conversions. These include:


• Modifications to high power LEDs
• Installation of various soundboards
• Installation of LEDs and NeoPixel stripes
• Setups and configuration
• Crystal Chambers
• Weathering
• Painting
• Engraving
• Display-Stands
• Display-Plaques


And since there are hardly no limits to my imagination, I am also happy to modify other Movie Props on request ... it doesn't always have to be a Lightsaber. 😉

I always get creative support from my long-time buddy Oliver Kolbe, who often helps me with creative planning and advice and shares my passion for Star Wars and science fiction.

If 'OxR Creations' has sparked your interest or you have questions about lightsabers, modification / conversion or an individual request, then simply use our contact form. We will be happy to advise you and on request we will send you a non-binding offer.